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Sutras Yoga Studio

A space for everyone to find their practice.

Hatha Yoga is low-impact movement that involves the integration of every muscle, organ, and cell of the body. It is a systematic and responsive mind-body approach, which incorporates synchronized breath with physical postures, aligning skin, muscles, and bones. By connecting with the breath, we can connect more deeply with our body to allow our minds to reduce brain-chatter, tension or stressors that manifest in the body. By continuously tapping into that connection through regular practice, we experience more sensitivity to our own energy, our life-force.....our true self. In short, we practice to feel better.

Any body can practice Yoga, and everyone is welcome here...


We are located in the heart of Anchor Bay Village, about 4 miles north of Gualala, on the southern coast of Mendocino County. Our light and airy studio is the perfect size for our small coastal community, with wood floors, and a changing area. Props such as blankets, belts, bolsters, blocks and more are available and if you don't have your own mat, we have one for you to borrow.  When the weather is awesome, we like to practice outside!

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