Upcoming Workshops & Events:

The Art of Yoga for Bone Health taught by Cathy Cassetta, RYT500

Two opportunities to attend this workshop:

Thursday Feb 22, 2pm-4pm &

Saturday Feb 24, 1pm-3pm

$30 Self Investment

If you are curious or concerned about your bone health as you age, including falls, fractures or osteoporosis, this workshop is for you. Learn how to prevent injuries, improve balance and posture, and retain spine and bone strength.

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Essential Yoga 2018 taught by Emily McConnell, RYT200
These workshops combine the use of essential oils with gentle and/or restorative yoga, and are aligned with the seasons and seasonal shifts throughout the year.

Late Winter //Early Spring

Feb 17, 2018 1pm-3pm or

March 3, 2018 1pm-3pm

$30 Self-Investment

This workshop will focus on head-to-toe Restorative Yoga combined with a sequence of specific essential oils designed to help move stagnant energy, calm the mind, relax the body and restore equilibrium. We'll begin with our necks and shoulders, and move down along the entire body to release both physical and mental tension, using conscious breath, and one to five minute held supported postures.

Late Spring//Early Summer

May 12th, 2018 1pm-3pm

$30 Self-Investment

This workshop will focus on Gentle Hatha and Yin Yoga combined with essential oils and oil blends that encourage the release of toxins in the mind and body. The yoga sequence will include gentle movement and twists to stimulate the liver and kidney meridians to clear energetic and physical blockages. 

Yoga Field Trips

Meet up or carpool with friends to a designated, beautiful location outside of the studio. We love our studio, but we also love this coast we are blessed to call home. Explore it with us, and find out why it's so fun to take your practice to new places!

Let Us Know if you have a suggestion or want to plan a private field trip!

Past workshops:

Essential Yoga

Summer 2017 - Hot Stones and Essential Oils

Fall 2017 - Ground + Energize

Yoga for Mobility  - 4 week series for practitioners with limited mobility, or those in wheelchairs.

Restorative Yoga and Creative Expression: Blissful restorative yoga to open up creative energy.

Discovering the New in the Familiar April 2017

From Peaceful Pose to Potential ProseNovember 2016

Yuan Gong ~ QiGong
Stay connected to find out about upcoming Yuan Gong workshops! More info can be found at  www.yuantzecentre.com.


We feel blessed to offer special events and workshops. For more information, please feel free to contact us to see what is happening at the studio!

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